Monthly Home Maintenance Safety Checklist

  1. Smoke detectors & carbon monoxide detectors; test & check batteries

  2. Install alarm system or devices & test operating condition.

  3. Check flashlights & batteries where you have placed for emergencies; have back‐up batteries

  4. Replace  or clean all filters where needed in heat/air unit, at return vents,  room air conditioner,   air purifier machines, etc.

  5. Hot water heater sediment removal by draining 2 gallons of water or have professional check

  6. Replace carbon cartridge of water filter

  7. Inspect fire extinguishers for proper working condition & check gauge for charge.

  8. Check fireplace monthly when using for creosol buildup.

  9. Clean & check for damage on stovepipe if you have one on your chimney.

  10. Inspect & clean pads or plated in humidifier or have professional inspect.

  11. Check breaker box monthly or have a professional, especially if fuses blow or trip often.