Annual Home Inspection Safety Checklist

  1. Clean smoke alarms. Pull cover downward, remove power cell, vacuum & clean cover.  Replace cover & test.

  2. Clean electric water heater. Drain tank, clean heating elements with vinegar & water solution. Turn power off before cleaning.

  3. Clean septic tank for sludge removal if 1/3 full; to be done by a professional or trained by one.

  4. Have professional lubricate heater blower fan &motor.

  5. Inspect & clean outside heat/air unit of all leaves, limbs or other debris. Clean outdoor dryer vent opening of all debris.

  6. Clean gas &/or electric space heaters by a professional or be trained.

  7. Clean entire room air conditioning unit inside & outside as needed.

  8. Check for erosion in the yard & the driveway or walkways for cracks or needed repairs.

  9. Ground structures such as condition of fences, retaining walls or gaits & repair as needed.

  10. Inspect roof : shingles or other material used for repairs, chimney & flashing around, gutters & downspouts, vent stalks & roof edges.

  11. Check inside the home at joints on floor or wall for needed repairs such as on ceramic tiles, linoleum, hardwood floor for any replacement or any water damage or cracks.

  12. Check for needed insulation in bathrooms on tile & insulation on doors or windows.

  13. Clean & secure dehumidifier.